Pro-face Remote HMI

The Pro-face Remote HMI supports synchronous and asynchronous operation modes which switch during operation. A new parameter in the GP-Pro EX setting provides the option to limit the operation modes for the Pro-face Remote HMI.

* In the synchronous operation mode, the HMI and the Pro-face Remote HMI always display the same screen. In the asynchronous operation mode both devices can show different screens and allow independent operation.

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Indicating the status of each HMI in the overview reduces the time for identifying the faulty system and further reduces the downtime and associated costs. Besides the status bar for each HMI, any alarm can also trigger an alarm sound.

* The Alarm Monitor Function is supported by GP-Pro EX Ver.4.0 or later. * The Alarm Monitor Function is not available with the Pro-face Remote HMI Server used for SP5000 series Open Box, PE4000 series, PS4000 series and PC/AT compatible PC.

While you are displaying and operating a screen of the currently connected device on your tablet or smartphone, if an alarm is triggered on another device, you can immediately notice it. Swipe down the notifications and tap the 'Pro-face Remote HMI' alarm message in order to switch to the screen of the device with the alarm triggered, and you will be able to immediately respond to the alarm.