Preventa XPS MF

Safety PLCs

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Universal solutions

Simultaneous monitoring of several safety functions.

Safety PLCs XPS MF, programmable using software XPSMFWIN running on Windows.

  • Category 4 conforming to EN 954-1 and SIL3 conforming to IEC 61508.
  • 2 types of safety PLC: Compact with integrated I/Os, Modular, in rack comprising 6 slots for various separate I/O modules
  • 14 certified safety functions, available in the XPSMFWIN software library, in order to meet specific application requirements.
  • Possible to create a safety function suited to the application
  • Communication with decentralised I/Os via Safe Ethernet
  • Communication with standard PLCs or HMI via Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus serial line or PROFIBUS DP

Decentralised Inputs/Outputs  

  • For compact safety PLCs XPS MF30/31/35/40
  • For modular safety PLCs XPS MF60

More capacity for even more peace of mind

Simplification of the creation of complex safety functions and excellent flexibility regarding the choice of functions using the programming software. More precise diagnostics and improved communication performance with decentralised I/Os via Safe Ethernet.