Logic controller - Modicon M238

100% optimized for simple machines

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Optimize your machine design
High ratio performance / cost with efficient embedded features dedicated to simple axis motion control
(high speed counting, PTO, application function blocks)

Secure your investment and development flexibility
Embedded CANopen master to allow easy and adaptable architectures
Fit the control configuration
Economic digital, analogue or high speed counting expansion modules. 

  • Advanced features embedded
    8 high speed counting up to 100kHz, 4 PTO/PWM (only with 24VDC models ) outputs, fast outputs for reflex actions
    . 1 or 2 RS232/RS485 serial line for HMI connection or peripherals devices
  • Easy to program and commissioning
    Removable connectors 1 dedicated USB port and programmable
    . SoMachine software with ready-to-use automation system function libraries 

A power center at the service of your machines The Modicon M238 programmable controllers provide simple and intelligent solutions to meet all your business needs. provide a optimised solution to repetitive machines based on high speed counting and simple positioning features for 1 to 4 axis through PTO channels or CANopen.