Programming software for Quantum, Momentum, and Atrium

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Windows environment
Concept provides advanced Microsoft Windows based tools that deliver a multi-language development environment for control system programming.

Uses familiar, standardised editors bundled in a single application to create and integrate PLC control, communication and diagnostic logic.

IEC languages
Five IEC editors give users the freedom to choose the programming language that fits their application requirements: Function Block Diagram (FBD), Ladder Diagram (LD), Sequential Function Chart (SFC), Structured Text (ST), and Instruction List (IL).

New features for 21 CFR 11
Password dialogue, Write Restriction List, Auto-Logout, Log-File encryption, Secure Application Flag.

High performance IEC 61131-3 development environment to optimise PLC performance

Concept is the ingenious programming environment designed specifically to deliver optimal productivity from your high performance control systems.